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16 February 2011 @ 05:52 pm

LOCKED: Comment here to be accepted. I won't accept you unless you comment before friending me.
Tell me what we have in common, if anything. If not, just tell me something about yourself.
I'll basically add anyone unless you haven't updated your journal in ages.

Name: Lauren.
Hobbies: Writing. Singing. Dancing. Softball
Loves: 90210. American Idol. Cooking. Disney Channel. Music. One Tree Hill. Photoshop. Privileged. Reading.
Celebs: Ashley Tisdale. Dakota Fanning. David Henrie. Demi Lovato. Dustin Milligan. Jesse McCartney. Jonas Brothers. Kristen Stewart. Megan Fox. Rob Pattinson. Selena Gomez. Shenae Grimes. Sophia Bush. Taylor Lautner. Taylor Swift. Travis Garland. Vanessa Hudgens. Zac Efron.
Movies: A Walk to Remember. Big Daddy. Finding Nemo. Hocus Pocus. Jack. Keith. Pineapple Express. She’s the Man. Slumdog Millionaire. Step Brothers. Step Up 1-2. Superbad. The Dark Knight. The Secret Life of Bees.

Ships: Annie/Ethan. Bella/Edward. Chuck/Blair. Dan/Serena. Lucas/Brooke. Nate/Vanessa Nathan/Haley Taylor/Selena. Rob/ Kristen. Zac/Vanessa.
Current Obession: Blue nailpolish, the color black, Starbucks Soy Cinnamon Dulce Latte, Starbucks Mocha Frapuchino. 

Note: I used to have another journal. My other journal was [info]ohsoofficialx23. I decided to start fresh with a new journal because my last one was an epic failure. I didn't comment anyone else's journal & was basically a sucky friend. I wanted to start new with this one because that will all change once I friend/am friended (by) someone. I promise to post entries more that once a month, and comment your entries as well.

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01 January 2010 @ 08:18 pm
Wow you guys. I am possibly the most horrible person ever. I haven't updated my LJ since August. School does take most of my time, and is my number one priority, but I don't even really have an epic excuse to tell you why I haven't updated. I kind of lost interest in the internet, thank god, because it was taking up so much of my free time.

But this is a new year. Time for a fresh start. I'm not promising that I will be on LJ all day, everyday because, I most likely will not be. I can promise, however, that I will update this at least once a week unless I really can't.

I hope everyone's New Years was safe and fun.
I'll be talking to you soon! <3
24 July 2009 @ 11:27 pm
I got blue hair extensions yesterday. I have them in now. I feel bad-ass. 

On to more serious issues; I have AVG virus software on my laptop. It has basically just ripped my heart out. Yup. An anti-virus software has just turned my day from good to horrible in a very short amount of time. I got a pop-up from it that my iTunes was infected. So, I was flipping out because it's never happened before. So what do I do? I go to the Virus Vault and remove the "virus." So then I'm like, phew I can relax now - no more virus. I open up iTunes & get a big fat "This file does not exist." WHAT?!?
Off to google I go to look this crap up and I learn that AVG was falsely making iTunes a virus & NOT to remove it from the vault. OF COURSE I figure that out once I delete the damn thing. Basically, I fucked myself & got slapped in the face by AVG in about 10 minutes. So now, my ENTIRE iTunes library is gone. All 1,342 songs, GONE. I'm still in so much shock I can't even cry - but boy do I want to. No, what I REALLY want to do is call AVG up and curse them out - brutally. 

This day calls for a big FML.


hope all is well with everyone & if you get the same message I got and have AVG - DO NOT delete it. Look up what you should do first.


IT'S A MIRACLE ! I turned off AVG, re-installed iTunes, and all my music is still there! OMG. I think I might have a party now, because I was about 5 minutes away from a heart attack. Phew, so thankful right now. I know it's just iTunes, but I really was so upset over losing all my music. AHHHH, great day now, haha.




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02 July 2009 @ 10:26 am
be back on Monday !

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